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3X Underdogs Formula

- Baseball Underdogs System for the Experienced Player -

Our MLB Underdog System for Sophisticated Vegas Players

Our 3X MLB Underdog Formula

We've combined three of our MLB underdog formulas to create the 3X underdog system. It's designed for disciplined, experienced players.


3X Underdogs System Track Record
2013 - 2018 Seasons
Totals Profits: 228.36 units (based on 1 unit per play)
Average units won per season: 38.06

Units Won
Profits Wagering $100/play


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How did the 3X Underdogs Formula come about?

A. In February 2017, we had the idea of combining three of our MLB formulas to see if it would yield superior results. One of the formulas in the mix is an MLB underdog system that uses momentum for teams that meet a specific statistical criteria. That momentum formula by itself was decent but not outstanding.

The breakthrough came about when we added that momentum formula to two of our other underdog formulas. That is what created the excellent results of the 3X Underdogs Formula.

The 3X Underdogs Formula takes the best components of three separate underdog systems and blends them together for a superior formula.

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3X Underdogs Formula

» Our 3X Underdogs System's Track Record:

· A system which has averaged +38.06 units per season.
Total units won with this system from 2013-2018 is +228.36 (1 unit per play).
That's $22,836 in profits on $100 per play. (based on 1 unit per play).

3X Underdogs Formula:

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