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Refund Policy and Disclaimer

Please do not take a short term perspective. A theoretical advantage over time does not necessarily produce immediate profits. Although our baseball formulas have demonstrated good profit percentages on turnover over time, we do not guarantee profits from any form of gambling or guarantee similar future results.

You will need a reliable e-mail address for receipt of your information package. We do not warranty timely delivery in the event that your e-mail server becomes faulty or slow.

There is no guarantee on the number of "plays" offered in the service on any particular day.

The publisher reserves the right to cancel any subscription that is in violation of our protected copyright.

The user must agree not to resend, forward, reproduce or communicate any information sent by Baseball Formula without prior permission. Any breach will result in immediate termination of the service, without refund.

Users must be aware that the service offered - specifically it's recommendations - contains some risk.

Refunds are not given on subscription packages.

Your e-mailing address may be changed if you wish by notification.

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