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Full House MLB Underdogs Formula

- Baseball Underdogs System for the Experienced Player -

A Unique Combination of Our MLB Underdog Formulas


Our Full House Underdogs Formula

We've combined some of our MLB underdogs formulas and came up with the Full House Underdogs Formula. It's a unique way of playing underdogs - and it has yielded excellent results with fewer qualifying plays.


Full House Formula Track Record
2013 - 2018 Seasons
Totals Profits: 405.09 units
Average units won per season: 67.51

Units Won*

* Unlike our other formulas, the Full House Formula has both 1 unit and 2 unit plays.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How did the Full House Formula come about?
A. In December 2015, we came up with the concept of combining some of our MLB underdog metrics that have been successful into one formula. Based on statistical criteria, we reviewed how the formula would have performed the previous three MLB seasons. The results were surprisingly solid - even in 2013 and 2015 when overall MLB underdogs had extremely bad years.

Q. Why is it called the Full House Formula?
A. The answer lies in the formula itself. It involves a unique combination of formulas, which gave us the idea for the name.

Q. How does the Full House Formula compare with the Hardball System?
A. The Hardball MLB Dogs System targets a wider scope of possible qualifying games. The Full House Formula has much fewer qualifying games over the course of a season. In addition, the Full House Formula is not as simplistic as the Hardball System.

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Full House Underdogs Formula

Our Full House Underdogs Formula for the experienced player.

» Our Full House Formula's Track Record:

· The Full House Formula has averaged +67.51 units per season.

* Unlike our other formulas, the Full House Formula has both 1 unit and 2 unit plays.

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Full House Underdogs Formula

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