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Hardball MLB Dogs System

The Formula That Wins Big Without All The Time-Consuming Number Crunching

After many years of MLB underdogs research, we uncovered our most exciting discovery yet. We call it the Hardball MLB Underdogs System. We consider it our most valuable insight.

What's most incredible about this system is its simplicity. Quite frankly, we were blown away when we uncovered it.

No one studies MLB underdogs more than we do. We have the largest MLB database on the planet. It's our passion. We've been doing it since 2001.

"Hardball is a sensible, logical, wagering method that when applied correctly, must win. Lots of plays, lots of action & lots of profit." -- Wayne H., Australia

"Iíve been happy with everything Iíve purchased from you guys. Keep up the good work!" -- Chris P., California


Our Hardball MLB Underdogs System Track Record
2006 - 2021 Seasons
Average units won per season: +56.20

* No stats were kept during the COVID-shortened 2020 season.

Units Won
Profits Wagering $100/play

This is a MLB underdogs system that can be used to yield a sizeable annual return - and it's geared for those disciplined, responsible players.

Baseball Underdogs System

This product is an Excel spreadsheet that we use to help us select underdog plays each season. This Excel sheet provides insights into how to beat the sportsbooks with underdogs each year.

It took us hundreds of hours over several MLB seasons to compile this data. And no other source has it.

Hardball MLB Dogs System FAQs:

Q. How did this system come about?

A. We discovered the Hardball System after spending far too much time (hundreds of hours over several years) analyzing underdog statistics. The discovery literally led to a festive celebration around here.

Q. How did the system perform prior to the 2006 Season?

A. We don't know. At this time, we don't have game time underdog data for all games prior to 2006. However, given the emphatically profitable results for every season from 2006-2019, we believe results using this system prior to the 2006 Season would be similar.

Q. How many stats does it require to play the Hardball System? How much stats cruching is involved?

A. None - amazing as that sounds. The Hardball System involves coming up with projections - not crunching statistics. You decide what the daily picks are based on the projections. We provide a recommended online source for help with these projections.

The online source is not necessary to use the Hardball System. It is only provided as a helpful guide for the user.

Q. Does the Hardball System take a long time to understand?

A. No. The beauty of the system is its simplicity. It does, however, require that you let go of an old paradigm about statistical analysis. We've been trained to believe that things like this have to be complex to be effective.

Q. How many plays per day with the Hardball System?

A. That depends on the projections. This system does have more plays than the 3X Underdogs Formula because it does not have as many filters.

Q. How much time per day does it take to play the Hardball System?

A. If it's taking up more than 10 minutes per day, there's a problem. Time spent counting the cash winnings, however, might be longer than that.


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Hardball MLB Underdogs Formula

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Hardball MLB System:

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