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MLB Overs and Unders System - MLB Handicapping Software

MLB Totals Automated Software Product

Our MLB Overs and Unders forecasting product is now available for home use.

This is a completely new MLB Totals Formula. It is much more user-friendly.

A key improvement with this product vs. our old Totals Formula program is the stats are now automated. That is a big breakthrough.

Just imagine...

1) You open the MLB Totals handicapping program on your computer.

2) You click a blue 'update' button, and voila! The program automatically crunches all the MLB statistics and produces the MLB totals predictions for you with an OVER, UNDER, or NO PLAY forecast.

Can it get any easier? This saves you tons of time.

This product was developed by a world-class programmer. The automated product makes it so easy to get daily MLB picks, a monkey could do it!

What stats are factored into the totals formula?

• Key offensive statistics
• Key pitching statistics, including starting pitcher and bullpen stats
• Ballpark factor statistics - individualized for all 30 MLB ballparks!

Don't sweat the stats...the program crunches them all for you.

Customer Reviews of the Product:

"...that program made me a lot money last year. No one else offers such a great product... also I used it with my own handicapping based on some of the parks hitter friendly/pitcher friendly just to name a few...It helped me out a lot."

- Las Vegas customer


When I first bought the Totals Formula a couple of months ago, I just went ballistic and bet on every single match produced by the Totals Formula. However, after taking a good hard look, I noticed that a good percentage of Overs dogs win. From August 21-27, the formula made +17.29 units... Unbelievable!

Regards and many thanks,

David C.


The (Totals) Program has been pretty good all year for me...Would be interested in knowing if you provide any other totals program for the following sports:


Would be interested in purchasing any or all of the above...Thanks.

Don M.

MLB Totals Software

Screenshots of our MLB Overs and Unders Handicapping Software

MLB overs and unders handicapping

Betting Baseball Totals - Handicapping Baseball Totals

- Baseball WHIP and How It Can Help You Win With Baseball Overs and Unders:

WHIP stands for walks + hits divided by innings pitched. WHIP provides a number of how many baserunners per inning a pitcher allows. This is very helpful when it comes to handicapping baseball games because it's a better stat than earned run average (ERA). Let's take a look at an example below:

A pitcher has thrown 100 innings on the season. Let’s say he's given up 85 hits and 40 walks. We take the 40 walks and add them to the 85 hits. This gives us a total of 125 walks/hits combined. We then divide that by the 100 innings pitched which gives us a WHIP of 1.25. A WHIP of 1.25 is a pretty average number. Let's break down WHIP numbers into a performance scale:

WHIP of 1.00 or under: Outstanding. Very few pitchers will have a WHIP this low.

WHIP of 1.01-1.20: Very respectable. A pitcher with these type of numbers doesn't let many guys on and is likely to be a successful major league pitcher.

WHIP of 1.25-1.40: These WHIP numbers are decent to fairly average.

WHIP of 1.40-1.50: These aren't very good numbers and these pitchers likely have control problems or don't have what it takes to be in the big leagues.

WHIP of 1.50 and above: The opportunity to bet against a whip above 1.50 (if at decent odds) is a great proposition. This is a hurler who constantly has guys on base which is a losing proposition in MLB.

Important Compatibility Notes:

This is a PC-compatible product that works in Excel. You must have Microsoft Excel (the real Excel program, not the Excel reader) on your computer for this program to work.

This program will NOT work on the following:

• Apple products, including Mac, iPad, and iPhone
• Mobile devices

Questions? [Contact Us]


Free shipping - we’ll mail you the Excel file on a CD disk in a discrete package for your privacy.

If you prefer to have us email you the product file as a download, you can mail us a check, cashier's check, or money order. That saves us the shipping costs and processing time.

MLB Totals Formula Home Version

Our latest version of the Baseball Totals Formula, Version 5.0, features an automated Excel program that crunches the MLB stats for you. The Totals Formula instantly tells you whether or not the game is projected to be an OVER, UNDER, or NO PLAY.

The program is very user friendly and saves lots of valuable time. Click the blue 'update' button in the MLB handicapping program and it crunches all the MLB stats for you and provides the prediction.

MLB Totals Formula:

Not available for this season.

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