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Baseball Formula Home Page - Lots of information on our approach to MLB statistical research and baseball betting.

Triple Play Underdogs Formula - Our latest underdogs formula. A unique MLB underdogs system that features three filters.

Hardball MLB Dogs System - Excel sheet that features our amazing Hardball Underdogs Formula.

3X Underdogs Formula - Our MLB underdogs system for experienced players.

MLB Totals Formula - Overs and unders software program.

Testimonials - Read what others have had to say about our service.

MLB Underdog Picks - Subscribe - Information on how to subscribe to receive our MLB underdog picks.

Disclaimer - Our subscription package disclaimer.

MLB Underdog Win Percentage - How we hold the advantage over sportsbooks with our underdog systems. The article includes breakeven percentages of underdogs.

MLB Betting System for MLB Underdog Picks - Read our suggestions on creating a winning baseball betting system to come up with your MLB picks.

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