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Baseball Formula Testimonials

We've gotten a lot of positive feedback about our service. Below are some examples of excerpts from emails that we have received:


"Unreal...the # of units you're up (with the Dogs Formula) has to be some sort of record... Impressive stuff...continued success."

Scott Van Pelt, ESPN SportsCenter Anchor


"You have the goose that lays the golden egg..."

Guy West,
Managing Director
OZmium Ltd.


"...add another very satisfied MLB customer right here - the package has helped put me more than comfortably in the black this year. A great majority of the time they put out early overnight lines which is a plus, and while they use concurrent lines from Pinnacle as a proofing benchmark (and, in certain cases, closing lines from, I've found that better lines are almost always attainable with some shopping. The formula they use back exclusively underdogs which I think is an especially good idea with baseball, for which most books nowadays use 10 cent lines (i.e. -110/+100 as opposed to the traditional -110/-110).

...I definitely plan to come back next season if the service maintains anything close to their present performance for the rest of the mlb season."

(posted on an Australian gambling forum when another forum member inquired about our service)

YP, Sydney, Australia


"Your honesty is refreshing in an industry dominated by lies. Plus, your team is a long term winner. It's hard to find that combination anywhere.

Thank you for all you do."

Daniel H., Mississippi


"This is my first year with you and I want to compliment you
on your service. It just makes good sense to bet the dogs,
and you do it in a professional manner.

I only wish there was a football or basketball service
as good as yours..."

MS, Bradenton, FL


"Remarkable service...your emails come exactly when they are supposed to (on time all the time). This is a very professionally run operation, one can tell.

...Definitely keep up the good work. You do a really good job..."

G. Mullikin, South Carolina


"I just wanted to drop a quick e-mail to you saying how satisfied I am with your Dogs play formula this season so far. It has really impressed me and probably yourselves as well since it's hitting some highs it's never been at before...bottom line is I know all of you at the Baseball Formula team are winners and know how to win at this and I want to be on the same side as you guys in any sport...Again, thanks for making your 'expertise' available..."

M. Millward, Concord, CA


"When I first bought the Totals Formula a couple of months ago, I just went ballistic and bet on every single match produced by the Totals Formula. However, after taking a good hard look, I noticed that a good percentage of Overs dogs win. From August 21-27, the formula made +17.29 units... Unbelievable!

Thanks again and I hope we will have a great season again next...

Regards and many thanks"

David C.


"...Well done on the dogs for 2004...I will be re-subscribing - why wouldn't I?...There is a lot of money to be made on the diamond, believe me!"


Rick Waite
Sausalito, CA


"I've been sports gambling hardcore for the last 7 years...and (the Dogs Formula) has been quite steady and the results have been stellar this season."

A very happy customer,
Mark Love


"Hey guys - bang-up job this year so far with the Dogs Formula...Thanks again."

S. Hood


"Thanks again for a great service!"

D. Campbell


"I am very impressed with the results...I will spread the word. Saw someone on say how good you are, so that's how I found out. Wasn't going to spend the money but I lost so much the first three weeks of the season I thought anything would be better than what I was doing. Thanks to you I've won the money back and then some."


T. Sargent
Sioux Falls, SD


"Congratulations guys,

Great job this season."

J. Donaldson
Ridgecrest, CA


Posted by a Baseball Formula subscriber on an Internet forum in response to an inquiry about our service:

"There's been no B.S. with these guys whatsoever. Just straight professionalism and profit making."

"Right Side"


"I will be back for sure next season."

M. Seaton


"Just had a few things I wanted to know. First of all, MLB is doing great!!! I jumped on when after the group had dropped back to 15 units, so I've basically jumped 20 units in just a few weeks!!! This weekend was amazing, definately a great buffer for the months to come."

Melbourne, Australia


"Many thanks to the BB Formula team for a fantastic season so far..."

Guy West,
Managing Director


"Keep up the great work this year."

R. Willhide


"You guys are a no b.s. straight-on service and I will be back next season."

Thanks a bunch,

E. McCurley
Athens, GA


"Futures bet comes in - A nice end-of-season bonus with St Louis winning NL Central - thanks Mike!"



Subscriber who posted on an Internet forum about the Dogs Formula:

"I won 59 units last year and didn't work that hard at it. What I am getting at is that I didn't always get the best line. If I would have waited some of the games out there were times that I would have gotten 5 cents better. Some days I did wait it out, but there were others when I was working or playing golf and just bet at the best # possible when I got the plays."

"The reason I took a chance on them is that I figured that even if they broke even, I could win because I usually get a better line than they (baseball formula) get."



"Very enjoyable, Team. I look forward to 2005."

cheers and thanks

D. Searcy


"Looking forward to the season!! Should be another great one."

T. Ross


The following was posted on an Internet forum in response to a comment about Baseball Formula:

"I won a LOT of money with them last year. I also bought the Sweeps Formula plays last year which didn't do as well...Definitely worth the money invested though. And the guys that run the site are very accessible too..."

"...I can tell you that as a $100 player you would have won over $4000 from the (dogs) formula plays last year."


Editor's note: We discontinued the Sweeps Formula in 2004



I’m looking forward to another successful MLB season..."

J. Stabile
West Hempstead, NY


“Keep up the great work with the dogs!”

Daniel S.
Quebec, Canada


Thanks for all your hard work."

Ryan G.


"...thanks again and keep up the good work...I appreciate it."

R. Dodd
San Jose, CA


“I appreciate the hard work and fast responses/updates you guys provide.”

“Keep up the good work!!! I love your service.”

Bryan S.

New Jersey


"You guys run a great business."

Bryan B.
Canton, Ohio


"I am very pleased with your work, both the results and the overall service."

C. Mauritzon
United Kingdom


" guys are extremely professional and seem to be very passionate and dedicated (two important traits to be successful in any endeavor)."

Jason S.


"Your service is very professional."

Bill W.
San Diego, CA


"Great work this season!"

Paul E.
East Rockaway, NY


"You guys are super reliable..."

Tom R.
Kalamazoo, MI


"Of the 4 Handicappers I have subscribed to including my own you are ranked No 1 in Units in MLB. Well Done on the Season to date!"

United Kingdom

Editor's Note: We are researchers - not handicappers, but several subscribers use our resesarch to profit off of MLB games.


"As a new subscriber this season, I'm really impressed with your reliable service and your great results.

Keep up the good work."

Martin K.


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